Stone and Brickwork

Sandblasting brickwork

Sandblasting brickwork is a cost effective way of removing unwanted surface coverings such as Paint, soot ,mildew, Smoke damage, graffiti etc from you Brickwork & Stonework

It is also an ideal way to remove cement and paint from brickwork prior to rendering.

Removing Paint from Brickwork

There are methods available for removing Paint from brickwork such as Peel Away strips that you stick onto the brick, leave and peel it off. This will never leave a nice finish like our Blast Cleaning Process and will work out a lot more expensive and time consuming.

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Blast Cleaning Stonework

Look at the transformation on this Stone built house, now the Natural Stonework has been set free from years of dirt and looks great


Removing Mildew From a Cellar Wall

The following image captures the obvious change in Blast Cleaning done to the first quarter of the wall. Brickwork Cleaning can be done on the outside brickwork and internal Brickwork. Many people now have a feature wall in the Lounge or bedroom with the brickwork exposed, It looks great,



And another below well The pictures speak for themselves and in  a couple of hours the room is drastically changed

The following brick ceiling looks marvelous after Blast Cleaning

The Following Are Before and After Photos of a house that was covered in soot.

Before                                                                 After

sandblasting brickworksandblasting brickwork

We Have Completed lots of projects throughout Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire over the last 11 years from Gardens Walls, House Brickwork, Church Interiors, Stone Window Sills to cellars.

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