Classic Car Sandblasting

We specialise in Classic Car Sandblasting

We have sandblasted VW Campervans, VW Beetle,VW Caddies, Jaguars, Chevrolet Cabbies, Triumph Spitfires, MGB GT, Jaguar Etype to mention just a few

We understand how important your Vehicle is and can use a variety of different mediums to accomplish the task and make your vehicle an ideal key ready for painting.

How much does it cost to sandblast a car

Well for example a VW Campervan costs £360 for the complete inside and £360 for the complete exterior this includes the undersill.

Its difficult to be specific on how much without knowing what you want done. For example if you don’t want the underseal removing that will affect the price dramatically as this can take a lot of time depending how easy it comes off.

If you are interested in a free estimate please email us some pictures and a rough idea of what bits require blasting

We Can Use a variety of mediums and variable pressure so as not to damage your vehicles panels etc. Why Not Have a chat to one the the shotblasting guys to discuss your options.

Other Vehicles

Lorry Body

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